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More Mesa – Santa Barbara, California

More Mesa, located at the western edge of Santa Barbara, California, is a 265 acre pristine bluff top meadow overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It is the last undeveloped such property of this size in the area. For years it has been a nature preserve, beloved by locals who come to walk, bike, swim and enjoy its incredible beauty. It is also home to myriad varieties of local plants and animals.

More Mesa is now for sale for the grand sum of $65 million dollars, truly a staggering amount. But due to our deep love of this beautiful and irreplaceable land, we have started this site in the hope of helping to turn at least part of magnificent More Mesa into public land for generations to enjoy.

Please help, get involved, donate and tell your friends, especially if they might be the generous type!

We wish to acknowledge theĀ The Land Trust of Santa Barbara County and More Mesa Preservation Coalition for their excellent work.

Please check back as we develop our partnerships and strategy.

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San Marcos
Foothills Preserve

Just up the hill from More Mesa, in the foothills above Santa Barbara, is the beautiful San Marcos Foothills Open Space which is currently fundraising to preserve it as public land.

Please DONATE NOW to save this irreplaceable Santa Barbara treasure! Thank you to the Santa Barbara Foundation for your excellent work!

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Save More Mesa, Santa Barbara, California |
Photography by Cynthia Kennedy